Miss Megan is hands down AMAZING! She runs a professional, safe and stable environment for the children and is the most passionate teacher I know. Her passion combined with her expertise, spunky personality and her kind heart provides an extremely unique learning experience for all dancers. With her commitment and professional training, the dancers learn so much more from her than just dance!

Melissa Marie

My two young sons just started dancing at SiSu Dance Academy. They love Miss Megan and the Leap n Learn classes. Megan is so patient with her students and has clearly put a lot of thought into the programs she offers. We look forward to class each week!

Jess Knipprath

Megan is awesome! She provides a strong foundation as well as discipline & structure in her classes. We feel very lucky to have her teaching our daughter.

Adrie Boulton

Megan is an amazing teacher!! She truly cares about everyone and is always ready to work above and beyond to accomplish a goal.

Jonathan Guise

My daughter Aubrianna has a blast in leap and learn. Great instruction at a age appropriate level. My daughter is 3.5 years old and looks forward to classes

5 stars

Jimmy Minner

Megan is a fantastic coach and mentor for my 15 year old daughter. We have seen Naya develop strength and flexibility all while training safely. Megan’s training focuses on keeping dancers healthy and injury free by training like the athlete dancers are.

Julie Ann Taylor

Miss Megan was one of my daughter’s best dance teachers! I highly respect her diligence, her passion for learning, and her dedication to her students. As a physical therapist, I also have to commend Megan’s commitment to learning about musculoskeletal structure and function - she is determined to discover the best ways to teach and develop every dancer’s movement patterns. We moved away a year ago and miss her so much!

Cammy Oke Davis

My daughter recently started training with Megan at Sisu Dance Academy. Megan is extremely knowledgeable, positive, and an excellent teacher. I am thrilled with the instruction being given, in a variety of areas, and my daughter leaves every session feeling inspired, and wanting to learn more!. I would highly recommend looking into the different classes that are being offered at Sisu Dance Academy, or inquiring about one on one private lessons.

Anne Ashby-Coulombe

What a difference a few months of PBT and coaching has made for my daughter. Megan has helped transform not only her physical strength but emotional confidence as well. I feel Megan meets kids where they are and helps them achieve their full potential. We have seen such dramatic results with her training methods. We are not alone ... my daughter was invited to Miami City Ballet summer intensive. I am a very proud parent and recommend Megan to any dancer who wants to develop strength and technique. Thank you Megan for helping this young lady realize one of her dreams! We are so thankful.

Julie Taylor/Naya Yara

We met Megan when my daughter, Grace, started ballet back in the fall of 2014. Due to some medical issues, my daughter needed a safe and correct way to gain strength. Megan went above and beyond to help Grace learn the correct way to use her muscles and strengthen her body. She continued working with her for the two years we were in Albuquerque, helping Grace to gain strength and proficiency as a dancer.

After we left Albuquerque, Megan continued to be a part of Grace’s life and even held a workshop at our new studio. They utilize Megan’s techniques in their weekly PBT strengthening class. Besides having an excellent program, Megan truly cares for the dancers she meets. She regularly keeps in touch with dancers she works with, even ones that are located in different states, always making sure they have what they need to succeed in their art. My daughter is a better dancer because of Megan. We are incredibly grateful for everything she has done to help Grace succeed. I would highly recommend her program to all dancers wanting to improve.

Jennifer Davis

Megan is personally invested in each and every one of her students. She takes great care in creating programs that focus on what they each personally need to develop. Her program teaches dancers how to correctly engage their muscles thus minimizing potential injuries in the process. Over the years she has poured into my daughter through hours of research to find the best exercises to help correct her pronation and build strength so that she can move forward in her dance. Through years of Cecchetti, PBT and privates my breath is constantly taken away by how my daughter has grown and Megan has been a major part of that. Megan loves to share her passion for dance and that keeps my daughter loving it and looking forward to any time they have together whether it be in privates or classes.

Abby Parten

Megan has expanded our understanding of what quality coaching and training should look like beyond the basics. She has brought out a passion in our daughter that we hadn’t seen before. As an instructor, she has an incredible knack for recognizing and acknowledging each individual’s strengths and helping them overcome any challenges. Her diligence, innovative techniques and passion for dance make her an invaluable asset to our daughter’s education and we are blessed to have the opportunity to work with her.

Justin and Aaron Zoladz

My son Sky Bleeker trained exclusively with Megan Berlint-Nicko in Albuquerque, NM. During his training with Megan I not only saw my son Sky grow tremendously in his ballet technique, but he also gained a renewed confidence in himself as a dancer and an appreciation for the art of dance. Megan taught Sky’s ballet classes, Cecchetti classes, and also her amazing Progressing Ballet Technique program. Megan’s PBT program taught Sky strength, proper technique, alignment and how to prevent and avoid injury. Megan works closely with each dancer individually to help set goals that they can achieve through hard work and the right mindset. Megan is not only well trained in all areas she teaches, but is compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and professional and makes it her mission to provide the best training for your dancer. Sky has been able to thrive in his training through the mentoring and support that Megan constantly gives him. I am so grateful as a mother to Megan for reigniting the spark in my son and inspiring him to always be the best he can be, and showing him how to love and respect the art of dance.

Jamie Bleeker

It’s difficult to accurately express the gratitude I feel for Megan because she has impacted my life, skill set, confidence and the trajectory of my dance career in a way that is difficult to put into words. Before I met Megan, I loved to dance, but I felt lost. Under Megan’s guidance my growth occurred exponentially. I learned how to move my muscles in a safe manner, using muscle groups in ways which, not only enhanced my performance, but has kept me injury-free. With this as a part of my dance foundation, I was able to audition for pre-professional companies in Southern California where I was accepted and have trained for the last 3 years. My pre-professional training and career in ballet have moved forward in the most exciting fashion. I miss working directly with Megan because, while she demonstrates so much love and works so hard with her dancers, it is easy to see how she continues to grow professionally through her ever-expanding knowledge of physiology and innovative exercises which support dancers to maintain proper body placement and grow in their own professional development. Megan continues to inspire me. My progress and accomplishments are a true testament to the value of having an amazing teacher like Ms. Megan.

Faith Montoya

My girls have been taught by Megan for over two years. I have seen incredible growth in their technique, artistry and confidence through the coaching, training and encouragement of Megan. Megan is incredibly knowledgeable in physiology and her PBT program helps to strengthen the core and muscle memory needed for a dancer. Through Megan's teaching, my girls (11 and 13 years old) are able to verbalize, which muscle groups they are using when doing certain movements and have been encouraged proper technique to decrease risk of injury. Megan cares passionately about her students and goes the extra mile to provide what each individual dancer needs.

Debbie Pearson

Beautiful studio, Amazing teachers, Happy students.


My two girls started with Megan a year ago and they both have improved dramatically and love Megan. She is so caring, has great communication and pours herself into each dancer. I would highly recommend Sisu.


A Dance Academy where we believe potential exists within all individuals! We have built an academy where goals are reached, love for the art of dance is created, and a safe environment that feels like home.


SiSu Dance Academy provides a loving and wonderful environment for serious dance training. My daughter LOVES going to each and every one of her classes here! Megan's passion and dedication are evident in every interaction with the children! Top notch training - a real gem!


I am so happy we randomly checked out the open house last year! My daughter loves the staff and the other students. Very family friendly. My daughter's enthusiasm for dance has only grown since starting classes.


We have been thrilled with our daughter's experience at SiSu. Megan is the best teacher we have come across in ABQ. Our daughter had lost her joy of dancing and now not only enjoys it, but is improving as well. We recommend SiSu to everyone.


We LOVE SiSu for SO many reasons....the teachers, the training, the support, the opportunity to perform and the overall quality of the experience. We have 3 kiddos here with varying degrees of experience/ability and SiSu has been able to meet them right where they are and help them grow in their technique, confidence and overall love of dance. Can't recommend Megan enough.


Over the course of our daughter's dance journey, we have tried 3-4 of the best rated studios in the city. Nothing has compared to our experience with Megan and her team. The teachers genuinely care and love their students and our daughter has been changed because of it. We can't say enough about the caliber of training she is receiving and LOVE that she has the opportunity to perform each semester (if she chooses). It has been such a joy to be part of the SiSu family.


We are so excited to have found this dance academy! Miss Megan has been superb—my daughter is not quite 3 but has been welcomed with open arms! She asks to come to class and is so excited for leap n learn with Miss Megan & Little Jazz/Tap with Miss Amy! Positivity exudes from this place!!!