Jazz and Tap are Happening at SiSu Dance Academy

People generally think that jazz or tap lessons are just for kids, but they couldn't be more wrong! Learning dance and getting up and moving works your whole body and serves as a mental workout too. If you have stress from your job or life in general, taking a dance class will help you refocus and will relieve that stress. Why go to the gym when you could take a dance class instead?

Jazz and Hip Hop Dance Classes

Primary through Senior Level

Jazz dance is an umbrella term of dance in which many styles of dance are categorized. It can encompass many popular genres of dance including Broadway, modern, and even contemporary and hip hop. It is the style of dance most commonly seen in the media and on-screen today.

Jazz dance traditionally focuses on technical skills learned in ballet, adapted to a turned in position, isolated movements of body, leaps, turns and unique timing and body placement. Dancers are often able to express themselves through different musical styles and technical skills that tell a story.

SiSu offers Jazz classes for our students as young as the Primary level all the way through our Senior level. Our staff is trained in many areas of Jazz dance and incorporates multiple styles within our classes to ensure our dancers are well rounded and constantly challenged. 

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Tap Dance Student
SiSu Jazz Student Dancers

Tap Dance Classes

Primary through Senior Level

This rhythmic approach to dance is always a fan favorite! Tap is a great way to increase the strength in legs and feet and increase the flexibility of the hips, knees, and ankles. The percussive strikes that utilize different parts of the foot have been shown to increase cognitive abilities as well.

Tap begins with the simple basics and progresses to more complex rhythmic combinations in this high energy class -- Come get loud with us!

Top reasons for learning to tap dance:

  • It's great exercise - for both aerobic and fitness levels
  • Leg workouts like this really boost a person's metabolism
  • It's expressive and a fun creative outlet
  • Tap develops balance, coordination, self-esteem and natural rhythm
  • Your music repertoire will grow
  • It's a strong foundation for hip hop

For a trial class or more information about our Jazz or Tap classes contact us at 505-226-1153.

Parents, register or enter the portal using the links above. For tuition rates and schedules, please contact SiSu Dance Academy.