Readers' Choice Award 2018 | Family Owned | Same-Day Registration


Readers' Choice Award 2018 | Family Owned | Same-Day Registration



$20 Audition Fee (CASH or VENMO)

Email Director for level clarification:

     1:00-2:00 pm Sub Jr Level
     2:15-3:15 pm Intermediate Level
     3:15-4:30 pm Advanced Level

Resume required. 

Audition Attire: Female: Black Leotard, pink tights, ballet slippers. Hair in a bun.  Male: Black tights, white/black shirt, black/white ballet shoes. Hair off face.

 SiSu® Dance Company was founded in 2019 by Megan Nicko.

Our company has a mission to engage within New Mexican communities and to bring ingenious stories of faith to life through the art of dance.

As our company grows, we desire to be of the utmost service in sharing the good news of Christ's Kingdom.

SiSu® Dance Company gives dancers of all ages and abilities a chance to excel and enjoy the opportunity to perform in a safe, healthy, and welcoming atmosphere.

Auditions are required to be part of the company. SiSu® Dance Company has two full productions each year in a theatre with professional lighting and costumes. Watch for upcoming performance notifications on our social media and website.

For more information, or if you are interested in being a sponsor, contact our Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

SiSu Dance Company 2023

Our committed and unwavering dancers work diligently on their art and form, building strength, resolve and character along with their performance abilities. We look forward to seeing you at our next production!

2023/2024 SEASON

The Red Shoes

Adapted and Choreographed by Megan Nicko
Director/Founder SiSu® Dance Company

SiSu® Dance Company is committed to continually bringing new and vibrant performances to the Albuquerque community that will encourage each one of us, dancers and ticket holders alike, to contemplate the way we live and what we live for.  The story behind The Red Shoes holds a special place in our director's heart, who not only performed in an earlier version of this ballet but also felt compelled to take it even further, with special staging and meaning throughout the performance.

Published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1845, The Red Shoes became a British drama feature film starring renowned dancers from the ballet world in 1948. SiSu® Dance Company's adaptation of The Red Shoes is based on Anderson’s tale.

The moral message is the tragic flaw of sin in the form of envy, jealousy, temptation, selfishness, and greed. The sinful nature of vanity and disobedience leads to the virtues of modesty and obedience. Megan Nicko choreographed and adapted the short story, giving it additional re-staging, new characters, story interest, and meaning.

A Heartfelt Thank You from SiSu® Dance Company! 

We thought it was time for the greater Albuquerque community to be introduced to our incredible dance company. So for our Summer 2023 production, we were delighted to provide "The Red Shoes" free of charge, ensuring everyone had the opportunity to be thrilled by our talented dancers and crew. SiSu® Dance Company is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching lives through the power of dance. With your continued support, we can keep offering these amazing experiences for all.

We are grateful to all who support SiSu® Dance Company. We appreciate your charitable donations for this performance and our future productions. You may give any time through Venmo or Zelle to SiSu® Dance Company, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by cash/check at Sisu® Dance Academy.

Our talented dancers poured their hearts into every step, bringing the story to life with grace and passion. We extend our deepest appreciation to each artist for their dedication and hard work. A standing ovation also goes to our incredible stage hands, whose behind-the-scenes efforts ensured everything ran seamlessly.

To the parents and faculty who lent their time, energy, and unwavering support—thank you. Your contributions were invaluable and played a crucial role in making this performance a phenomenal success.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of our SiSu® family. Together, we can continue to inspire and create unforgettable moments.



The Voice of Christmas 

Written and Choreographed by Megan Nicko
Director/Founder SiSu® Dance Company

The Voice of Christmas brings intimate insight into the importance of the holiday season for young and old alike. The birth of Jesus is entwined into the original Nutcracker story by having Marie receive not a nutcracker as a gift, but like each child at the Christmas party, Marie is given a piece from a small nativity scene. Marie and the rest of the children discover the story of the first Christmas from the family's grandmother.

Marie is then taken on a journey where she encounters the ever-present struggle between good and evil, culminating in experiencing our beloved Savior at birth. In celebration, she witnesses the beauty of dancers from many countries, all bringing their gifts of dance to the Savior. Finally, Marie falls asleep with a new meaning of why our Christmas tradition is truly precious and something to be celebrated.

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite music is prevalent throughout the show, with additional music by various Christian artists.

We hope you enjoyed the return of this unique production as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Tell others about The Voice of Christmas and make it a family holiday tradition! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us.


🏈 Thank you for Supporting SiSu® Dance Company at this fun event!

Last April, we had the distinct privilege of performing during Half-time, which was also a fundraising event for the Company. Many thanks to everyone who made this such a successful and fun evening!


"Alone we can do so little; Together, we can do so much."
Helen Keller

Choreographed by Megan Nicko - Hip Hop Choreographed by Megan Thomas

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We are incredibly grateful for the donations and sponsorships for our Company dancers.

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Please contact us for ways you can help support us. Thank you!

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